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New album release: December 21st!

We are ready! Files are being uploaded to more than 250 digital stores worldwide. Get ready to listen to the dubut album .. it's time to wake up in the dark on the most popular digital platforms on the planet.

Out now!

From apple itunes to spotify and deezer with the ability to maintain constant access if you have a digital subscription that allows online streaming. We decided to pay homage to our fans by uploading the limited version with eleven tracks instead of ten including the Exhale bonus track.

„Moving through, those motion lights, around your shady grave
Falling for, falling near no matter what I say
Talking heads silent veils that dance along the wind
Open up your door to me and let my soul to come so near
In Amsterdam
With you.“

From the single Amasterdam to the sensual Suffocation eleven tracks for an introspective journey aimed at bringing the listener into the Theunskin world.
Today in digital version and soon also in physical version with a very limited edition only for the closest and most loyal fans. Stay tuned to our pages to find out more ...


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