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It's time to wake up in the dark was reviewed by Roberto Pati's blog. Follow the link to read the full review.

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Coming from the archive of "It's time to wake up in the dark" here is the demo version of "Sister", originally entitled "White eyes child". Happy listening!

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Almost two years have passed since the publication of our first album and as you well know we are at an advanced stage in the realization of our second work. Cleaning the band archives, we found some unpublished material that we would like to share with you who have been close to us in these years. To thank you for your support, we will publish in the coming weeks curiosities and backstage relating to the "it's time to wake up in the dark" recordings. Stay tuned on our social networks!

THEUNSKIN confirm their participation to the TOUR MUSIC FEST contest that, unfortunately, has been postponed from year 2020 to 2021.

We're very proud to announce Iacopo Lucherini as new member of Theunskin family.

We hope also all of you will love Iacopo and his voice.

In this delicate moment for our country we have decided to unite and make our voice heard. We act responsibly and avoid endangering our health and loved ones.
Stay home! Is very important! And it's important to spread this message virally. In the meantime we have decided to share a preview of one of the songs that will be contained in our new album. Check it out on our instagram profile.

We make the choice to create an official profile on the new Kleisma platform to join and share experiences with the other bands and professionals. Feel free to contact us here:

With the entry into phase 2 due to COVID-19 we went back to the rehearsal room and we already have a new song that we can't wait to make you hear! its title is: Climb. Stay tuned!

We're back to the studio with new brand material. We're looking forward to give you more details and the chance to listen to something new as soon as possible!

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